5 Tips for Nailing the First Impression

Catch buyers eyes and earn top-dollar for your investment by following these five easy tips for nailing the first impression.

So, you’ve decided 2021 is the year to sell? Congrats!

With record low inventory and interest rates, buyers are extremely motivated (like, EXTREMELY extremely) and though it’s only mid-February, the Spring Season is here and it’s HOT.

Sure, it’s a Seller’s Market, but wouldn’t it be great to catch buyers’ eyes, obtain multiple offers and fetch top-dollar for your investment? If you answered yes, then it’s time to think about your home’s first impression.

Unsure where to start? Stressed by the growing to-do list? Don’t be. A few small, well-planned improvements can lead to a surprising return on investment. Start by considering these tips and then call your Circa REALTOR®. We guarantee they’ll love to hear from you.

1. Up The Curb Appeal

What do anxious clients do while their agent is fumbling with a lockbox on the front door? They look around! The garden bed, the porch swing, the window boxes…assume they’ll be the center of buyers’ attention, at least until that front door is open.

Homework: Spread fresh mulch, manicure the lawn and raise the canopy of nearby trees so your home isn’t obstructed from the street. Add tasteful pops of color in the form of potted plants, hanging ferns or fresh paint on the door. While it’s best to play it neutral inside the home, don’t be afraid to show a little personality out front.

Lastly, clean, clean, clean! Consider renting a pressure washer if your porch could use some TLC. And please, no nests or cobwebs!

2. Let There Be Light

Be proactive by having windows professionally cleaned – inside and out. While it’s tempting to reach for the bottle of Windex®, a professional job is a worthwhile investment that will add light and dimension to your home’s interior.

Pro Tip: Label your window screens and leave them off to provide buyers with an unobstructed view in photos and during showings. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes!

3. Paint

While your eclectic accent walls may spark joy, de-personalizing is a critical step and a can of paint is usually the place to start. As Brand Manager David Nelson puts it, your ultimate goal should be to attract as many buyers as possible.

“Neutral and on-trend colors in a flat finish should do the trick.”

For sellers on a tight budget, focus on high-traffic areas of the home like the foyer, living room and kitchen. And don’t forget to touch up the trim and baseboards, it’ll give your fresh paint – and hard work! – an opportunity to shine.

4. Update Strategically

High-dollar home upgrades aren’t in every seller’s budget, and that’s okay! With a realistic budget in mind, make a list of strategic kitchen and bathroom updates that will freshen up your space. Lower-cost items like light fixtures, knobs, and cabinet pulls can make a big impact, especially in an older home.

For those comfortable making a higher-dollar investment, new appliances, flooring, cabinets and countertops are wise areas to focus your attention.

5. Create A Lifestyle

You know the feeling of relaxation when you walk into a perfectly curated Airbnb? That feeling that makes you think, wow they really thought of everything!

Focus on creating a similar feeling for potential buyers.

Homework: Start inside by updating the owner’s suite with fresh bedding and bath towels. Stage a reading nook with an open book and cozy throw blanket. That neglected patio out back? Spruce it up with an affordable fire pit and Adirondack chairs.

With a small amount of effort and creativity, you’ll have a space that buyers can’t wait to move into. And, of course, consider hiring a professional staging company if you plan to list your home vacant.

Need one more reason to sell with Circa?

Every single Circa seller receives a complimentary Pre-List Consultation with our Brand Manager, David Nelson. As one of our clients, David will visit your home and partner with you to create a manageable plan of action.

From paint color to furniture arrangement, he’s helped hundreds of St. Louis homeowners get their home “Circa Ready”.

The Spring Market is here and it’s hot! – Contact your favorite Circa REALTOR® today or find your perfect match by exploring our Agent Directory.

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